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Third Cornet 

Riley first started playing at the age of 12, inspired by his uncle and grandfather and encouraged by his entire family who have all had many years involvement with brass bands. Riley is passionate about banding and has been devoted to his new found talent ever since. He took trumpet lessons at school at the beginning of 2017, and only a few months later joined Springvale Brass along with his sister, Sarah. Only a few short months later he was asked to join the Dandenong Senior Band.


Riley also joined the junior band at school and throughout the course of 2017 was asked to join the intermediate and senior band as well. He currently still plays in all three concert bands at school which is a true testament to his abilities.


Riley is in year 8 at school this year (2018) and enjoys learning english and computer studies. He likes designing and materialising projects for 3D printing and coding his own robots. Riley’s family have a strong IT background, which has given him a good knowledge base to assist other students during computer classes to the delight of this teachers.


Outside of school, Riley enjoys playing basketball on Friday nights and Saturday mornings, and his parents don’t mind the intense cornet and trumpet practice marathons he persists with every night! They are all right behind him and are very proud of his achievements, especially his grandfather, Brian Cockerell. They are also lucky enough to play in the band together which adds a very special touch to Riley’s story and his bright future ahead.

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