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Paul first started learning a brass instrument at the age of eight at the Chelsea Salvation Army where his father was the Euphonium player. Paul continued playing in various Salvation Army bands mainly on Euphonium but at times on various other instruments and was trained by some talented brass teachers such as Arthur Withers. Paul was also bandmaster of the Frankston Salvation Army band for many years.


Paul's first foray into City bands and his very first brass band competition was with Kew City Band in the lead up to their first National title win in 1998 (after which he was heard to say "what's so hard about that?") after then getting a few choice words from some longer serving members he stayed around for their second National title win in 2000 and their many and various state titles and others during that time.


After taking a break from brass bands for a number of years Paul was introduced into Dandenong band in mid 2011 by his friend David Taylor and was delighted to find many ex-Kew City Band players were now members including the conductor Mad Mick Mathers.

Paul is still active in the Salvos and is currently the Worship Band Leader at the Cranbourne Salvation Army and is also the Lead Solo Bass guitar player (read only bass guitar player) for the same. In the past Paul was also the Bass guitar player for the well-known footy buskers in their full ensemble form D&A Jazz.

Paul has been married to his long suffering wife Nicole for nearly nineteen years and has two beautiful daughters, neither of which play brass instruments despite being very musically talented.

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