Nationals an "important step" for Dandenong Band

24 April 2011

Dandenong Band has taken an "important step forward" by performing to a very high standard at the recent National Championships in Adelaide says Musical Director Michael Mathers. "In recent years the band has gone into contests with a lack of confidence and not sure of how the performance will go. This was definitely not the case over the Easter weekend".


Although the result was not as good as some had hoped (the band was placed 8th in a field of 12) the band is rightly buoyed by two strong and exciting performances which gave the band a taste of where they are headed if they can remain strong in the rehearsal room.


With so much effort placed by many on contest 'results' it was the 'performances' which pleased Michael most. "As was pointed out by the adjudicator, this (the result) is a snapshot of the bands and does not indicate where any of the bands have come from.  From our perspective we are moving in the right direction.  We have a good positive group of players and I am genuinely excited about leading Dandenong Band  forward for many years to come.  With each performance, contest and concert, we improve, and that should excite us all" said Mathers.


Full results of the Nationals can be found here.  

To view all performances by the band over the Eater weekend, visit the band's Facebook page by following the link at the top of the home page.

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