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Bb Tuba



Ethan started playing percussion at the age of 9 at his primary school. He continued to take drum lessons through the next four years of primary school and in his last year he also took up guitar. Ethan’s enjoyment of music continued into high school where he took up tuba which was his first introduction to the world of brass – and he loved it!


Throughout high school Ethan continued to learn drums and tuba – taught by Phillipa Edwards. Ethan joined Springvale Brass in 2017 and by 2019 he progressed to the City of Greater Dandenong Band full time.


This year (2021) Ethan is in Year 11 and aside from music at school he enjoys maths and photography. He has taken up photography as a hobby outside of school and particularly enjoys photographing nature and the cityscape.


Ethan says his tuba practice routine can be a bit “wonky”, but he always tried to get at least 15-20minutes of practice in every day!


Dandenong Band is thrilled to have Ethan in it’s ranks and we are all enjoying watching his skills develop rapidly!

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