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Bb Tuba


Darren began his playing career on trumpet as a student at Wesley College in 1983. Following in the footsteps of his cornet playing father (then a member of Kew Citizens Band, now Kew Band Melbourne) he joined Kew Junior Band in 1984 where he played solo cornet for 3 years before joining Kew Citizens band in 1987 aged 15. During this time he was fortunate enough to play alongside his father as a part of the lower cornet section which toured the US and NZ.


Darren was also a member of the Victorian State Youth Brass band and toured Brisbane in two consecutive years with them (1988 and 1989) on Repiano Cornet. Darren subsequently moved to Hawthorn Band and toured the USA with them on 3rd Cornet in 1991.


In 1997 he returned to Kew and competed as part of the band which contested the Newcastle nationals in that year.


Darren’s work and family then took his life in another direction until he was coaxed out of retirement by Michael Mathers in 2011 to join Dandenong Band as a part of the cornet line which was rapidly re-shaping. During this time Darren played solo cornet and 3rd cornet as required.


In 2012 he transferred across to BBb tuba for the good of the band and has been plaing as part of the tuba section since.


Darren’s love of brass banding stems from his family connection and the friendships he has enjoyed over many years of brass music. 


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