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Band Drum Major

Band Committee Member

Band Custodian

Born in 1992, Cameron at age 9 began playing recorder and no sooner than age 11, began to learn trombone at primary school and in the Wonthaggi Citizens’ Band because he thought glissandos were cool. Cameron’s ability to read sheet music grew rapidly having to read Bb treble clef in the brass band and bass clef in the school concert band (it was a very challenging time!) It wasn’t until he made it to his first year at Highschool when he learned what the notes were and gained an A+ in his 4th Grade AMEB exam. Cameron somehow managed to get his shoelace tied around his trombone slide during the exam and had to ask for help. He hasn’t done another exam since but is continually furthering his musical abilities as time progresses.

Throughout his high school years, Cameron played with Streeton Court Big Band and upon moving to Melbourne in 2011 to take upon studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Robotics & Mechatronics) degree at Swinburne University of Technology, he founded Swinburne Stage Band. After finding his feet, Cameron decided he wanted to keep playing trombone with a community brass band and soon joined the City of Greater Dandenong Band in 2013.

In his daily life, Cameron’s main line of work is in the technical electronics industry but is also a talented musical arranger, brass tutor and manager of a German Oompa Band.

In his spare time, Cameron enjoys creating progressive trance music and is a lover of everything the Polish culture has to offer including the notorious pop genre ‘disco polo.’ Cameron has a love for old time musical theatre and is involved in productions regularly across the state of Victoria.


In 2015 Cameron made his debut as drum major, leading firefighters and service personnel along the Princess Highway in Dandenong to the new Dandenong fire station. 1 year on, after recommendation of his mentor, Michael Mathers, Cameron led the City of Greater Dandenong Band in the contest march and Christmas parade of the Mount Gambier Brass Band Festival, scoring high marks.

2019 saw Cameron take on the Australian National Band Championships as the band’s new Chief Drum Major and again, scored high marks with his own street march medley arrangement of The Lion King.


Within the community, everyone knows Cameron as a loveable funny guy who is diligent, hardworking and always happy to help out. He is passionate about health and fitness and is always keen to indulge in Melbourne’s food, coffee and craft beer scenes.

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