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David Taylor

Soprano Cornet

David Taylor started playing at the age of 9 in the Dandenong Salvation Army Band. David played Solo Cornet until the age of 20 at which point he decided to advance further and was further mentored by the well know Arthur Withers (then of Hawthorn Band).  David later auditioned and gained a position in The Melbourne Staff Band on both 1st and 2nd B flat Cornet for a period of two  years under the baton of both Mr Colin Woods and then Mr Ken Waterworth.  



David later joined the Dandenong City Band under Musical Director Colin Lord after being offered the position of Soprano Cornet.  David has held the position of Soprano cornet for around 8 years in total. He currently plays Soprano Cornet with Dandenong Band and the well known Camberwell Salvation Army Band.  

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