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Bb Tuba

Aaron began playing at age 10, before joining Dandenong Band in 1996. After starting on cornet, Aaron progressed his way through to the larger instruments, finishing on Bb Tuba after playing both Euphonium and Baritone for Dandenong.

Due to work commitments, Aaron left the band in mid 2001 as he moved interstate with postings in the military. Once he left the military, he moved to the Western Australian Goldfields, where he quickly took up the tuba again, as well as providing coverage on other instruments as required. Aaron was part of the Goldfields Brass Band winning team in D Grade at the 2013 National Championships held in Perth. After this, he took a short break to focus on theatre, as a musician, actor and director.

After moving back to Melbourne in 2016, he quickly rejoined Dandenong (as well as several other bands), and is enjoying the challenge and camaraderie of the Band.

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