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Fri 16 Feb 2024

Well we've had a wonderful start to the year, kicking off February with our first gig of 2024!


Dandenong Brass were given the opportunity to play a 20 minute set at the Open Air Movies Event out the front of Springvale City Hall on Friday 16th of February run by the City of Greater Dandenong Council.


Using our repertoire of songs, we dazzled the crowd with music like Shake it Off by Taylor Swift to movie blockbusters like Soul Bossa Nova and several others. It's always great fun playing well known pieces of music to a welcoming audience.


Playing to approximately 290 people in the audience before getting the chance to watch the Super Mario Movie outdoors in the open air, was a blast for all involved.


It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful community event. We look forward to many more opportunities, and events to play at coming up in the near future.

Written by Nat Potenzi

Saturday 27 July 2024

2024 State Band Championships

Hawthorn Town Hall
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Red Cross Lifeblood.png

The City of Greater Dandenong Band is an Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Team! 


Lifeblood Team is the group donation program of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. Their goal is to rally organisations and groups across the country to achieve, together, 25% of the blood donations needed by Australia. 

It’s about raising spirits and team pride - and about the sense of unity you get from working together for something bigger than yourself.


You can join our Lifeblood Team HERE using our group name: 
City of Greater Dandenong Band


And you can check out our
Lifeblood Team Results HERE


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